The Bitcoin Trophy: an artwork that disrupts NFTs

The Bitcoin Trophy: an artwork that disrupts NFTs

The crypto space is constantly evolving with beautiful concepts. From digital currencies to NTFs and now, The Bitcoin trophy. You heard right: Bitcoin trophy is a beautiful work of art only detained by Bitcoin OGs.

Made by, the Bitcoin trophy is seriously gaining popularity within the crypto sphere. NFT holders cannot just ignore this transformation of digital art. The aesthetic appearance of this tangible Bitcoin art is jaw-dropping. Showing it on social medias is a proof of being part of this revolution. You can’t help but fall in love with it at first sight.

Without mincing words, Bitcoin is here to stay. So just begin to reward your passion and your surroundings with this unique Bitcoin artwork. With only 30 units available in this world, you better be quick.


What’s the about the Bitcoin Trophy art piece?

Well, it is common knowledge that Bitcoin and gold are valuable items in the same class. Are you in doubt? Just transfer a huge portion of Bitcoin to another wallet and watch telegram chats unfolding interesting dramas by transferring Whale Bot Tracker messages to their group.

Just imagine Bitcoin Trophy as digital gold. Its rising value strongly gains momentum while the Bitcoin Trophy increase in value simultaneously as the BTC chart during a bullrun.

Still not satisfied? Here’s a piece of motivation. Go get your Bitcoin Trophy.

You just need to see it and would crave it like a beautiful lover. The beauty of the BT is breathtakingly alluring. Made from a gold-coated metal and sitting on a marble base, it is perfection personified.

It is a worthy reward to remind you of your bold step in being and early-adopter. While others were skeptical, you took the plunge and holded it without looking at the chart. Rest assured that with the upward rise of Bitcoin, you are going to smile to the bank (or perhaps you already are). So, if you need something to constantly inspire you, go for the Bitcoin trophy.

An ideal status symbols

Since you have invested in Bitcoin, why not behave like the OGs. If business elitist are acquiring Bitcoin Trophy, why not you? The BT is a luxury item fitted for a king. It’s a distinguished work of art, that veteran’s traders, crypto bloggers, and bitcoin whales are possessing. It speaks of sophistication and class.

The BTC Trophy is a symbol of passion and loyalty. The world just needs to know you are a part of this great movement. Join the To-The-Moon network and make the world know Bitcoin is here for good, in your ledger wallet.

Sounds great, is it valuable?

Its value is not only in monetary terms. It’s more of a relationship currency. Bitcoin Trophy is perfect as a gift for top executive personnel high up in the social ladder or finance mentors. Generally, people you look up to are those to impress with such a gift. This is one perfect item that benefits those people you’d like to appreciate without breaking the bank.

Bitcoin Trophy can also serve as a motivation for salesmen. Get your team to put in that little extra by dangling a BTC Trophy as a reward. Watch them outdo themselves for the must-have item taking everyone to the moon.

Well, ever consider it as a gift for a yearly event? Change the narrative for once, give bitcoin trophies as birthday, Valentines, anniversary, or a special holiday gift. You just might be fulfilling somebody’s dream. I bet even kids would appreciate such a gift. Here’s the catch: inspire them to do better academically with a promise of a better future with the BT. I bet they’d outdo themselves.

How do I get mine?

Are you fully ready to be a part of the Bitcoin Trophy elite squad? The only way is up, all the way to the moon. Visit our website details and get this Bitcoin art.