Mystic Girls Club: A Women-Led NFT Project With Utility Token, Unique Characters And Games

Mystic Girls Club, a women-led NFT project, is announcing its public mint on November 28 at 10 AM PT. Presale is 24 hours earlier at a 30% discount. The collection contains 4,444 uniquely designed and algorithmically generated NFTs that are built on the Solana blockchain. Mystic Girls Club’s (MGC) aim is to give holders governance over choosing charity, along with celebrating female representation in the NFT space. 
Women’s participation in technology and finance had been rare in the past. But today, as tech spaces grow and expand at a rate like never before, there is a demand for diverse skills which used to be limited in male-dominated industries. As women and other presumed minority communities like LGBTQ step up into the limelight, we only see drastic growth in efficiency. 
MGC is an initiative taken by women to establish female talent in the NFT industry. 
Featuring $MYSTIC Utility Token
By staking MGC NFT, one can earn $MYSTIC utility tokens passively. They can be utilised within the MGC platform for summoning pets, changing traits of the characters, and so on. It also gives holders the option to discover new traits and customize their characters. These traits can also be bought with $MYSTIC. In the upcoming Mystic DEX, these traits NFTs can be bought or sold with the community.
Companion NFTs
For every Mystic Girl token, one Mystic Boy token will be airdropped. The fun part is that a Mystic ritual can be performed using $MYSTIC to create Mystic Babies. 
Using $MYSTIC tokens, Mystic Pets can be summoned to play minigames that contain quests and missions. Advancing in the game makes way for earning more traits. 
Mystic Metaverse
The entire platform is a Metaverse. In this Mystic World, lands and buildings can be bought using $MYSTIC and tradable as NFTs. Players will be able to play and form alliances with other players. 
Ultimately, supporting charities is the main aim of the project. A part of the proceeds will go towards organisations like CAMFED, HPP, Harbor House, IHWC and more.
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