Introducing XMR.Poker, Poker as it Should be…


I want to let you know about a new way to play poker online. It is much more private than other poker sites. It’s called XMR.Poker and privacy has been considered the top priority. You deposit funds by sending Monero to a special address generated on the XMR.Poker site and giving that site your return address. When you finish playing, the winnings are automatically sent to your Monero wallet. The XMR.Poker tables charge just 1% rake per hand, with no other fees meaning you won’t be spending anything in transaction costs either (except the small transaction fee required by the Monero network). The base chip value is set to 1 mXMR (1 mXMR = 0.001 XMR).
XMR.Poker is an extension of the TorPoker website but using Monero rather than Bitcoin to avoid the high transaction fees of the BTC network. Anyone can play now without fear of identity theft. The open source app is user friendly and easy to use. If you prefer not to use the app, there are options for gaming directly from a web browser.
If you prefer a smaller stake size, there are other options, such as where the stakes are in µXMR (1 µXMR = 0.000001 XMR).
Although the TorPoker and XMR.Poker apps are both based on the same open-source code, they are hosted on different servers, ensuring that users for each currency type can’t see data from the other currency type.
Here’s how XMR.Poker can benefit you:
No fees to register – You are not obliged to register in order to play on a poker site.
Anonymous – Because of the way Monero works, it’s impossible to trace your transaction history.
Rake is low – More affordable than other poker sites and players are treated better.
Quick withdrawal – The transaction is instant and you can spend again your Monero as soon as the transaction has 10 confirmations by the Monero network.
No withdrawal fee – No fees will be charged for receiving the transaction, except the small transaction fee required by the Monero network.
Compatibility – The biggest advantage of this open-source app is that it’s compatible with any platform.
Additionally, if you want to test your skills against friends only, it’s possible to rent a private server and play without any rake, so you can maximize your playing time and winnings.
Here is a quick tutorial on how to play using the Web Browser option.

  1. Click the “Play Now” button in the upper right corner of the official website ( for micro limits).
  2. To get started, enter your Monero address. All coins will be transferred to this address once you’ve finished playing. There is no risk of accidentally shutting down your browser because any funds you acquire will return to your address within 24 hours just after your last game.
  3. You can send your funds to the address generated by XMR.Poker and start playing almost immediately.

Last, XMR.Poker is offering a Tor Monero remote node (xmrpoker6fqd7kh6gxv4dtr4kaue3pdmuzbaqorvlan4as3oh3f2ftqd.onion:18081). Anyone with a Monero wallet and an interest in staying anonymous can find great value in this product.
I hope that you will enjoy the new XMR.Poker site, because I am convinced that the future of XMR depends on more ways to use the currency. All the very best!!