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Getting StartedThe point of how a blockchain works is still a question for half of the world. While this is the case on one side, the other half is yet to know how to use the internet; even worse, it does not have access to it at all.Okay, putting all that aside and getting back to our business now; what is blockchain? What is it meant to do? Is it changing the whole financial realm upside down? What does a cryptocurrency exchange platform have to do with this technology?Simply put, this is an ever-growing list of records: a line or a chain of blocks with information that is distributed, open, and immutable. Just like the alphabets forming a word and then so on to form a language, cryptography runs the whole of blockchain.How does it really work?This is a distributed ledger database spread across multiple nodes. Since this is a distributed ledger, it is incorruptible and open. Besides this, it is open-source software, and anyone can use it. For instance, you can develop your own blockchain.Blockchain FactsBlockchain technology has so far distributed beyond $270 billion in transactions.The blockchain’s market size is said to boom to $60 billion around the mid-2020s.One can manage power usage by electric companies with blockchain technology.The global shipping industry could become completely transparent and highly proficient than ever.Blockchain can be both public and private.In the next ten years, most of the banks would have implemented blockchain in their system.It is compatible with the Internet Of Things.There is a solution to the ‘blockchain’s flaws. It is called HetaChain.So, now we know what blockchain is, how it functions, its uses, and some interesting facts too. Let’s have a quick look into what a cryptocurrency exchange platform development services are and what blockchain has to do with it.What blockchain has to do with the cryptocurrency exchange platform?Blockchain is to an exchange platform that the internet is to an email. Just like email functions on the internet, the cryptocurrency exchange platforms run on the blockchain.Is there only one blockchain in the whole wide world? No. Not really. This is only open-source software that anyone can use to create their own blockchain.Some blockchains are good for coin creation while others are easy-to-use for the developers. The latter is the most preferred one for creating DApps and other blockchain-related applications.Cryptocurrency exchange platformThis is a simple software that enables users to send, receive, buy, sell, exchange cryptos for fiat or cryptos for cryptos. There is absolutely no intermediary involved.The users may have to pay a minimum transaction fee for using the exchange platform. Just like the standard apps, these cryptocurrency exchanges also have unique attributes. These are ranked based on the number of users and how well developed, secured they are.Types of cryptocurrency exchange platforms as servicesBitcoin Exchange DevelopmentWhite Label Cryptocurrency ExchangeCentralized Crypto ExchangeP2P Cryptocurrency ExchangeFirst-Grade Exchange PlatformDecentralized Exchange PlatformUnique attributesAdvanced Trading ToolsInnovative ProjectsRegulationHigh TPS (Transactions per second)Dynamic Trade EngineDigi WalletMulti-level SecurityBuilding MarketsAPI to Foreign ExchangeKYC and AMLTrading LimitMulti-linguistic PlatformAdmin ForumWhy is cryptocurrency exchange platform development easy?When you have the best and the most sought after blockchain company taking up your project, do you really think you’ll have anything to do?Blockchain Firm boasts of being the fastest growing blockchain company in the whole industry. With immense experience and new strategies for every project, your cryptocurrency exchange platform is sure to succeed.Besides giving you consultation, we also accurately guide you through the success path until the very end. Would you say no to such a proficient company?