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Newscrypto is an all-in-one online cryptocurrency information platform. The world of crypto trading isn’t well understood by many people, and Newscrypto has created a way for everyday people to become more educated about cryptocurrency.Getting into crypto trading can be a little bit daunting, but there are great platforms out there that offer solid educational tools for new traders. Having access to good information resources is vital to any trader, and Newscrypto have created an interesting platform for delivering loads of info for crypto-focused trading.People can find a range of tools and support for crypto trading on the Newscrypto website- Education, trading tools, advanced indicators, and community predictions are all available. Ever since the platform launched in 2018, it has been building a great reputation.Newscrypto now has more than 64,000 users worldwide and more features will be coming up in the near future. Unlike many platforms, Newscrypto has a focus on education and bringing new traders up to speed.Newscrypto Offers Education & Trading ToolsThere are some great opportunities emerging in the crypto sector. As the bear market is over and we enter a new bull market there will be plenty of opportunities for profit over the coming months.One of the biggest challenges for people that are new to the world of trading cryptos is a severe lack of trustworthy information.Newscrypto is taking this challenge on and has done a great job so far. People need to have good information and educational resources if they are going to trade successfully, and Newscrypto has created a place where people can learn and grow.The more popular cryptocurrency becomes, the more noise there is in the marketplace. Newscrypto was created to resolve the lack of financial knowledge and trading information in the world of cryptocurrency. The Newscrypto Platform – A Wealth of informationThe NWC TokenNewscrypto have their own NWC token which powers the platform, payment for extra features on the platform is accepted in NWC tokens.There are 3 tiers for users to choose from. When you have successfully registered, you’re at the Beginner tier. If you want to unlock the Intermediate tier, you have to pay 50 NWC for 7 days or 170 NWC for 30 days. Upgrade OptionsUnlocking the Intermediate and Advanced tiers will get you access to many beneficial features. For all 3 tiers, each user needs to pay a weekly, monthly or yearly fee, depending on the level of information and their needs of tools.NWC is available to purchase from Kucoin & HitBTC plus some other smaller exchanges.Free Educational ResourcesA nice thing about the Newscrypto platform is that it offers many free courses for people to learn about cryptocurrency. There are four available courses for beginners of cryptocurrency: basics, charts, Newscrypto tools, and trading strategies.Normally, it takes about a couple of hours to learn one course so it is very easy for you to gain certain basic understandings about cryptocurrency in just a short time. The company is developing two other courses called economics and crypto development, and they are coming very soon. Crypto SchoolThere are many original features that set Newscrypto platform apart from other cryptocurrency platforms. Newscrypto platform provides all the up-to-date news about cryptocurrency from other websites displayed on its news tab. It also sorts out breaking news for you to access important news that could move the crypto markets.Charting Options for TradersThe charts on Newscrypto charts are not only used to track the price movement for a particular coin but also used to compare Bitcoin with any flat currency in a particular period of time. Charts are one of the most important tools that traders have, and Newscrypto has a wide selection of charts for its members to use. Charting OptionsThe charts also have a toolbar on which you can draw your prediction lines about support, resistance, and trend and you can share your predictions to the “Community predictions” to give your opinion on that asset and you can also read other opinions to have a better reference on a selected asset in the future. Community PredictionsIn addition to great charts, Newscrypto also provides alerts that could help traders make profits. The Whale Alert is for advanced tier only, it provides observation of markets for big sellers and buyers and it gives you a notification whenever a big whale sells or buys so that you can benefit from that.Arbitrage of Newscrypto is available for Intermediate and Advanced tiers. This feature helps its users to have an edge over their fellows in the token markets, and make money even when markets aren’t moving much. CoinTracker allows the user to import all of their trading histories to this platform to better keep track of all transactions they made.Start Using Newscrypto for FreeIt is a good sign when a company will allow people to try out its platform for free.Newscrypto lets anyone start learning on its platform, at zero cost. For people that are new to crypto, or want to learn more about advanced trading strategies, Newscrypto looks like a good choice.The company is dedicated to continuing to create a supportive platform for crypto traders of all skill levels. Whether you’re a fan of trading the crypto marketplace or a potential cryptocurrency investor, Newscrypto offers everything you need at a budget-friendly price with full access to promising and beneficial features.New Ways to Learn About the MarketsOne of the best parts of Newscrypto is that it is not only an impressive collection of trading resources, it is also a place where crypto traders and investors can share their ideas.The platform gives crypto traders who already know the markets a place to learn even more, and it also delivers great educational resources for anyone who wants to get into cryptos, but doesn’t know where to start. Overall it is a wonderful platform, that is inexpensive (or free) to use.Another nice thing about the platform is that memberships are sold by the week, so traders don’t have to make a long-term commitment if they want to try out what they have to offer. If you want to have access to the premium services at Newscrypto, it will only cost you a few Euros per week.Newscrypto have built a great platform for traders – whether you are a complete novice or more advanced trader, you will find some use in the platform. 1,792