BNBHunter has gotten investments From ACS and DeepLand

Newyork-Investors have been particularly keen to gain exposure to GameFi as it has become the driving force behind the Crypto or you can call it digital economy,  with the growing power of many games for blockchain, says Reece, the founder of BNBHunter.
The BNBHunter has gotten investments from CRYPTO INSURE capital, ACS capital, DeepLand Capital, and The Block Research last month, the amount of equity
Investment exceeds $1.5M.
Private equity investments in general, especially large deals exceeding millions of dollars or incorporating leveraged finance, are still new to GameFi.
BNBHunter is an NFT&play-to-earn game with various game modes and patterns, players can collect NFTs to win BNB rewards or stake their NFTs to get mining awards in the first chapter.
“Long before the metaverse concept began trending this year, our team was researching new types of game opportunities to provide users with a higher level of freedom and more immersive gameplay experiences,” CEO Reece said. He added the MMORPG(A game type) game now in development could go live to users early as the first quarter of next year.
BNBHunter has a simple but amazing story to fulfill its ambitions in the world. GameFi elaborated a bit more about the chances of the gaming field on its earnings notion, which makes the earnings in the game while playing come true.
2021 is a digital economic age, especially crypto develops rapidly, which makes the product factors configure in high speed and in high efficiency and accomplish the fusion of the money and entertainment.
Besides the new game announcement, BNBHunter’s numbers were broadly positive. The team has developed a few projects for other companies, and the investment institution estimates BNBHunter will have revenue more than doubled year-on-year to $0.5 million for this year, and $1M for next year. Almost certainly helped by the large numbers of people who have turned to GameFi to earn or have fun during the pandemic.
In a noteworthy divergence, the BNBHunter’s partner, DeepLand has investments grew at a quicker, but still hungry, 51% to 1.2 million during 2021.
“The metaverse is the new land of opportunities”, crypto investor Vignesh Sundaresan (known by his crypto name MetaKovan and for spending $69m on an NFT by the artist Beeple earlier this year) told a panel last week.
BNBHunter teams believe it’s totally right and they will try to build the commerce order behind the game modes, having a place where people from different parts of the world can have an opportunity for prosperity.
BNBHunter thinks that’s the truth of the spirit of adventurers. Everyone will immerse themselves in this journey, and BHT would be the best thing in the virtual environment we build. We will publish more details about Hunterverse before it starts!
In December, BNBHunter will launch the website and the NFT game at first. When the story goes to the second chapter which they call it “warpath plan”, players can join the MMOGame with their NFTs, to win more rewards in the single competition or participate in the PvE and PvP modes. The PvP game mode will conduct the fantastic battle scene in the adventure park and players can explore the islands on the adventure maps of BNBHunter.