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What is Daikokuten Sama Finance? 

Daikokuten Sama Finance is an initiative supporting global financial growth and wellbeing with a community-driven approach. It has aimed to empower each and everyone associated with it to be in control of their money and make progressive decisions for their future. With the context of focus being financial independence by paving ways to create wealth opportunities. 

The $DKKS is a deflationary token that has a 10% tax on every sale. 

The problems in today’s finance

The pandemic has robbed people of their jobs and many are receiving pay cuts without incentives. As we are in the middle of an economic crisis, we have to look forward to a proactive solution that will sustain the technology of the future. There is a need to bring in passive income streams and dynamically invest for the future. 

The solution by Daikokuten Sama 

Daikokten Sama ($DKKS) was launched in August 2021, with an intention to provide people with passive income to get them through this financial dip. This project will help people be financially independent and will help them exercise self-control. Being a symbolism of the God of Luck who is also the leader of the 7 Japanese Gods, Daikokuten Sama finance is set to do something really good. 

Features of Daikokuten Finance


In the inbuilt marketplace of Daikokuten Finance, people can use $DKKS to purchase goods and services. 


The community will also get free educational content with high quality. 


The finance platform of Daikokuten Finance is a place to trade and swap coins and tokens. There are also flash loans, staking and NFTs. 

It also rewards weekly and monthly with the Daikokuten lottery. The company has also partnered with sports and music channels. There is a built-in platform to play games and earn NFTs. 

To know more about Daikokuten, visit: https://www.daikokuten.finance/

Join their Telegram Community – https://t.me/dkks_news 

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